Rental Procedures

Our practice is to enter into a rental agreement with the first acceptable applicant(s) for a particular apartment. The application and acceptance process is as follows:

  1. At least one applicant or representative must view the apartment for which they are applying.
  2. The application form(s) must be completed and returned to the rental office with the required earnest money deposit.
  3. We will then check the applicant(s) credit history through TransUnion LLC. If the applicant has no credit history or an unacceptable credit history a credit worthy cosigner for each applicant may be required. We will require cosigners for any apartment with rent of $1,300.00 or more per month.
  4. We will check housing references. If the applicant(s) has no available housing references or an unfavorable housing reference, we may still consider the application(s), but a credit worthy cosigner for each applicant will be required.
  5. The cosigner application(s) must be completed and returned to the office within three days. (We encourage the use of fax transmittals.) We will then check the credit history of the cosigner(s) with TransUnion LLC.
  6. If the applicant(s) and cosigner(s) have been approved, the applicant(s) will be notified of our acceptance and the apartment will be taken off the market. Please note: Acceptance of your application creates a binding contract to enter into a rental agreement. Your failure to do so may result in substantial losses and other damages for which you may be held liable.
After the acceptance notification, the lease agreement will be drafted and sent to the applicant(s) together with other associated documents. The lease and the other documents must be returned within the time limit specified in the acceptance letter. If the lease agreement is not returned within the time limit required, we may rent the apartment to the next acceptable applicant(s). If you have any further questions regarding the above process, please contact one of our rental agents at any CHT Apartment Rentals, LLC office.
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