How To Return Keys

Bring Keys to Office The preferred way to return your keys after you move out is to bring them to the office during office hours and provide us with your name, apartment address and forwarding address for your Security Deposit Return Statement. Please see the Vacating Instructions Letter that was mailed to you or your Lease for the deadline for returning keys. If all keys are not returned by the deadline, we will automatically place an order for a rekey of the apartment with the locksmith and will pass the cost on to you. The office will be open all night between Aug. 14th - Aug. 15th to receive keys. 505 N. Carroll St. Drop Box Keys returned after office hours can be placed in an envelope, sealed and placed in the hall box at 505 N. Carroll St. Write your name, apartment number and forwarding address on the envelope. Return Keys by Mail THIS IS IMPORTANT! DO NOT PUT LOOSE KEYS INTO AN ENVELOPE AND MAIL THEM! THE POSTAL MACHINES WILL RIP THE ENVELOPE AND THE KEYS WILL BECOME LOST! We have received many empty shredded envelopes from the USPS and unfortunately have no evidence as to the keys that were inside. Please, tape the keys securely to a heavy piece of cardboard and mail them in a padded envelope with your name, address and forwarding address. Alternately, you can FedEx them. Keys mailed the same day they are due back will obviously be late. Security deposit refund checks will be returned in 21 days IN ONE CHECK PAYABLE IN ALL NAMES unless we receive a Security Deposit Designation Form before your return is processed signed by all Lessees designating the check to one person. (See the Forms link on the home page.) The Lease is "joint and several" so we can not divide the refund check between the Lessees on multiple checks.